blake at it again…

24 05 2007

blake was at it again last night. this performance with Doug E. Fresh was awesome! I can’t wait to see what he comes out with…


home sweet home…

15 05 2007

it’s been a few weeks now and we are settling in. the pictures are hung and the boxes unpacked… the garage is still a mess, but I’ll get to it soon.
Just after we moved in, we got a hole in the wall of our master shower. It looks like they’re going to redo the entire tub surround. Good thing there’s another shower downstairs!
We are liking the new location. It’s close to major roads and to stores. There is a Blockbuster just down the street. Now, we just need a chinese restaurant nearby…

american idol…

2 05 2007

ok, so i haven’t updated in a long time.

a very long time.

but i thought that Blake’s performance on American Idol last night was worth a post. enjoy.

we have a lot going on right now. i’ll post more soon and often. i need to get more pictures of the kids up.

sleepless in dallas…

26 02 2007

We had a great week in Newport Beach at PAO. Now, however, we are spending the night in the airport in Dallas.
We missed our connecting flight and the next available is at 7am at another airport. Good times!
I wish I had brought another movie.

newport beach, here i come…

20 02 2007

I can’t wait to get out of here tomorrow. I’ve been so busy lately that my head is mush. Busy is better than unemployed though, so I’ll take it.

here’s something to chew on

19 02 2007


ok, so it’s happened.  my boy everett said it would and it has.

on the radio front, still working.  mybe an internet radio station.  i know there are a bunch out there, but God can do what He wants.

the happs…

15 02 2007

So, I’m out shopping on our 4 year anniversary. We’re shopping for clothes, of course. I thinking that I want an Orange Julius.
Things are good. We just ate at Outback. I haven’t eaten there in a long time. I had a tastey pasta with chicken, ham, and sundried tomatoes. Awesome.
Kristie got me an iSkin for my iPod. I’ve been wanting one since I got my new iPod.
If your praying and think about it, I’m thinking and praying about buying a radio station. Lift that up.