getting there…

21 07 2007

So is now up, but I’m still formatting and have to migrate this blog over there.
I will totally switch it over soon. Until then, you can keep up on here. will redirect you here for now.


just us kings…

18 07 2007

you can now find us at our new home the website will change a bit too as i migrate to a wordpress install on my server.

lookie what i found…

10 06 2007

this is probably at least a year old, but it’s worth it.

Kristie and Caleb at  kindermusik.  you have to scroll down to the bottom.

God made that for me…

4 06 2007

on our way home from a baby shower for mitch (my brother’s wife) on saturday, we saw a very pretty sunset.  we started to tell caleb about it and tell him what it was called.  i asked him who made the sunset and he told me God.   we talked some more and i said to caleb, “that’s a really pretty sunset” and he says “yeah, God made that for me!”

it was pretty awesome to hear him put that thought together.  he is fun.  thanks God.

home sweet home…

15 05 2007

it’s been a few weeks now and we are settling in. the pictures are hung and the boxes unpacked… the garage is still a mess, but I’ll get to it soon.
Just after we moved in, we got a hole in the wall of our master shower. It looks like they’re going to redo the entire tub surround. Good thing there’s another shower downstairs!
We are liking the new location. It’s close to major roads and to stores. There is a Blockbuster just down the street. Now, we just need a chinese restaurant nearby…

sleepless in dallas…

26 02 2007

We had a great week in Newport Beach at PAO. Now, however, we are spending the night in the airport in Dallas.
We missed our connecting flight and the next available is at 7am at another airport. Good times!
I wish I had brought another movie.

newport beach, here i come…

20 02 2007

I can’t wait to get out of here tomorrow. I’ve been so busy lately that my head is mush. Busy is better than unemployed though, so I’ll take it.