God wanted me to see Superman…

1 07 2006

Grant and I went to see X-Men 3 a couple nights ago. we showed up at the theatre for a 10:20pm show only find it was sold out!

What!?!?!? 10:20 on a thursday for a movie that’s over a month old?

everybody, like us, had come to use their free passes that were expiring that day. the young man in the window suggested that we could see “the prairie home companion. ” no way! i came for action, not a visual interpretation of an NPR show.

i say, “superman starts at 10:15 we’ll go see that.”
“ok, you’ll have to pay.”
“no way, uh uh.”
“would you like to see a manager”

i came for action with a free pass. no x-men, i’m going to see superman. well, before the manager even comes over, i guess the kid changes his mind and tell us to go ahead. we head down the hall and when we get there, it’s on the mega screen! to top this all off, i had purchased my own candy at the grocery earlier that day. zours for $1.49.

zours for the show: $1.49
gas to get to the movie: $0.59
tickets for the movie: $FREE$

your movie being sold and getting to see an even better show on the MEGAscreen: Priceless

a good time was had. you should go see Superman.

{::}side note

in the middle of the movie, my nose gets a whiff of some horrible release of gas. NOT ME. i would tell you. this thing lingers for about 5-6 minutes. again, NOT ME, but the girl next to me sure thought it was. she was scooting over and leaning over to her boyfriend. i can only imagine what see was saying. it may have gone like this….

“derek, this guy next to me just farted. it smells sooo bad.”
“are you sure it was him?”
“are you kidding, look at him. that smile on his face, shoving candy in his mouth. it had to be. do something.”
“no way, i’m not doing anything to that guy. did you look at him. cover your nose.”

hahaha, maybe it went like that. who’s to say really.


that’s all.




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