it’s gonna bite you…

4 05 2006

so i’m on my way home from a meeting at corporate today, and i take this two lane road. all of a sudden this van is stopped in the middle of the road and there is a kid getting out walking into the street.

i stop and wait.

then another kid gets out. they are doing something in the road infront of their van that i can not see.

i keep waiting.

then a car stops in the opposite direction and starts talking to them. i have no idea what they are doing….

but i keep waiting.

then the first kid comes back to the van. ok, it’s over, they’re gonna go…. no. he gets a bat! and the mom gets out of the van. i can’t take it anymore, i have to see what they are doing, two boys and a mom with traffic backed up both ways on a two lane road… so i get out of the car and go have a look.

it’s a turtle. a snapping turtle to be exact and the boy is trying to push it off the road with a bat. now this has been going on for about five minutes already from the point that i stopped.
so, on my way over i yell, “pick it up!”. they say, “it will bite” “it already jumped all the way into the air!” i said, “it jumped?” and proceeded to walk over in the middle of this group (by now another boy had joined in with his skateboard) and begin to pick this turtle up to put him off the road. “it’s gonna bite you.” says the woman in the car going the opposite direction. i ignored her and began to pick it up.

now this turtle is a little bigger than a dinner plate and it could spin in a circle pretty fast. it did try to reach around a bite me, but i button hooked him by distracting him with one tasty hand and then moving him with the other. one gentle scoot and toss and he was safely in the grass under the wooden rail fence by the side of the road.

done and done. “thanks” the mom from the van says. i simply walk back to my car thinking about them trying to push it off the road with a bat and a skateboard.

all in a days work.




One response

11 05 2006
Sarah H.

andy…the turtle rescuing hero. be sure to add that to your resume 🙂

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