30 03 2006

Please pray for my friend Andy’s dad. he just found out that cancer that had gone away has come back and quickly spread throughout his intestine. he does not have a surgical option. please be lifting their family up in your prayers. thank you.

Father, you are the Great Physician. We know that you can heal with a breath from your mouth, or a touch of your hand. We also know that you have a story that we are all part of. Lord, we want to be in your story and live by your will, but loosing loved ones is hard, even if we know that they are going Home to be with You. We are asking in agreement across the country that you place your healing hands on Andy’s dad. Father, whether he is healed or not, give him the strength to live through this time. Give him strength of spirit and of heart. Bless his family with grace and kindness and allow them to spend quality time together.

You have brought people back from the dead, you have parted waters, and you have caused the blind to see, so we know that you can take cancer away. Let your healing hand pass over Andy’s dad if it pleases you Father. Most importantly give everyone a peace to know that what pleases you is ultimately what we want. If it pleases you to have him Home with you, then let us rejoice for he has run the race well and will finally be finished and be able to rest in your arms…




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