Happy New Year…

2 01 2006

it’s officially 2006 and another year is embarking on the long journey that it is. we’ve already started it off right by seeing family and then spending today relaxing and playing with all of Caleb’s new toys….

we’ll probably watch a movie tonight. i want to go see King Kong on the MEGA screen in the valley, but we probably won’t make it. we rented the exorcism of Emily Rose that we’ll most likely watch tonight.

i’m in the process of finding a reciever for the house so i can hook up my speakers. i have a complete set of surround sound speakers, but no reciever to hook them up too. it’s sad really. every movie i watch, i feel like i’m missing out on something.

Caleb is awesome and is having a great time with Christmas. he has lots of new toys and books to play with and read. he’s starting to talk a lot more. not just making noise but sounding like he’s trying to say something, in his own baby language. his vocabulary is growing. it now includes words like Daddy, Mama, graham cracker, ball, bath, Nana and Pop (my parents), Grandpa and Grandma (Kristie’s parents), bed, baby, night-night, bye-bye, hi, car, uh-oh, La-La (Elmo). a pretty substantial list. we’re very proud of him and happy to live with him. he continues to make life exciting.

may God bless you and keep you through this year,

in Christ and Christ in us…




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