happy birthday caleb and happy thanksgiving everybody…

24 11 2005

caleb turned one today! it’s been a year now and it’s so much fun. everyday is an adventure. i’m so excited about this next year. he’s going to get coordinated and be able to start playing catch, or at least throwing the ball. he’s fun and smiley!

there was some really good food today at dinner, most of it made by my bride. i can’t get enough of those sweet potatoes! man, those are good! kristie and i are packing up this weekend getting ready to move. my parents are coming on saturday to move what they can, then we’ll stuff the rest into our car on tuesday. good times.

Father, you continue to bless my family,
thank you Father, for our son and his amazing first year,
he is healthy and fun and full of love and energy.
You have kept our marriage alive and well during this past year,
i know that you will carry us through the next year and continue to provide.
thank you Father.




One response

28 11 2005

GOOD LUCK back in the Lou! Sad to see ya leave this area but I know you will all do well and be happy back where you want to be. Stay in touch buddy!


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