conditioning test?….

2 07 2005

so i got a letter from the Seahawks a couple days ago and i was suprised to find out that there is a conditioning test when i report to camp. now this is new to me because we did not have this in St. Louis. we were just expected to show up ready to go. i don’t frown upon the test, because i think that you should come back in shape, ready for the season. i was just suprised by it. apparently we all run together on the first day of camp. we have physicals and we run. if you are over weight (some people have playing weights that they have to be at) or if you fail your run test, then you can’t practice.

so, as soon as i found out about the test i went out and ran it to see how i was doing. the test for O-line consists of 12 60 yard sprints in under 10 seconds with a 45 second turn around time. i ran 14. i think i’m ok. i’m going to run them a couple times a week for the next few weeks and i think that i should be ready.

i got a quick membership to lifetime fitness so i can go in and do cardio and lift some weights. my pec is feeling great right now. i’ve been working for my father-in-law since i got back. he does heating and air for businesses. we changed out a 800 lb water heater the other day. that was some good work for my arms and my pec. we had to throw that thing around and fit pipes on it. i got a pretty good test.

we are going to Rib Fest in Naperville tonight. award winning ribs and music. i can’t wait. fireworks all weekend. since when did fireworks become an all week thing? it seems all the cities i’ve been to for fireworks the last few years have had several days of fireworks. i like fireworks, but some places have an all week display.

that’s about it for now. i love my wife, cause she’s awesome! Caleb is bouncing everywhere. Rib Fest here we come…




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