tomorrow’s the big day…

10 06 2005

well, well, well…. tomorrow is the big day! World Bowl XIII! the team is pretty excited. pracitce has been good all week. we are favored by the public to win. there should be a lot of fans there cheering for us. we should win too, if we play well.
i just realized that i’m not a very good writer. these sentences are kind of short and not too creative. i’m going to work on that.
i have a media event to go to this afternoon, then i’m taking it easy. later




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11 06 2005

Congratulations on the big win! Lindsay and I watched the whole game, including when you got some major talk time from the announcers. I believe I heard the phrase “best offensive lineman in the league” from their mouths. Great job, we’re proud of you and it was a great time watching you on the field.


13 06 2005

thanks buddy. i appreciate it. i tried finding you on skype while i was over there, but you were nowhere to be found…. later

16 06 2005
Coach Renner

We are very proud of you. Good luck in your search for a NFL team. Keep in touch.

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