ok, new movie and a story….

27 05 2005

well, the new movie is a link on the right to a funny thing i did while at the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. by the way, Heineken tastes great in Amsterdam, which is where it is brewed. it also tasted great in St. Lucia where there is also a brewery. it just happens to be where we went on our honeymoon, so i had it there too.

the funny story is from the game last week. we were getting ready to pray like we do before games, when one of the players says he wants to tell us all something that he’s been thinking about. i get ready for some confession or of a story of his changed heart, and he lets off a train of F-bombs about getting ready for this game and how this is like the play-offs now. he said we needed to not be thinking of the extra money we will get for winning the World Bowl, but of the FAT CONTRACT that we will get when we go home if we play well. basically saying it was all about money. it was hard not to say something to him, but it was right before the game and it was uncomfortable enough already. so we prayed and went out and played. it was just strange hearing so many swear words right as we were coming before the Lord in prayer. very uncomfortable. it actually made me feel dirty.

anywho, i’m also putting a picture up in a second of my thigh bruise. don’t worry sweetie, it doesn’t hurt. later….




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