any takers….

20 12 2004

i have a ’04 Chevy Tahoe, Z71 for sale. all done up. if you’re interested please comment or get a hold of me.

aside from that, i am having healthcare issues. as in who do i go with? does anyone out there have Blue Cross/ Blue Shield? i’m in the market for a good coverage provider.


you never really see the twists and turns from the starting line do you? it reminds me of this story:

there was a man who loved to run. he loved to run races that took him through rough terrain, wooded areas, rocky places, steep hills, loose dirt. these were difficult races. here’s the catch though.

the man was blind.

that’s right. he was blind and he had to have someone lead him through the race, start to finish. over the winding, steep, rocky, wooded areas. he was lead around danger, over stumbling stones, past fallen trees. he was in the race, but didn’t know where it was going to take him and he couldn’t see the twists and turns that were in store for him.

~this is like us. we are in a race that takes us all over the place. over rocky areas, wooded paths, even over smooth roads. but we can’t always see what’s next. we’re blind people running a difficult race. we need a guide. luckily, we have Jesus Christ, the best guide there is. i know that he’s holding my hand right now saying “watch our for that stone. heads up, we’re going down a hill, there is some loose gravel.” He loves me and won’t let me stay down if i fall. i’m glad He’s on my side.




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