me and little c

15 12 2004

me and little c
Originally uploaded by thefatrat.

this is my man little c. he’s a stud. look at him holding his head up @ 3 weeks! going to be a linebacker! i can’t wait.

it’s been a stressful few weeks, lots of stuff going on. the birth of our son has been very exciting, but there are other things happening, or not happening.
i’m still not signed with another team. there have been a couple maybe’s but no plane trip for me yet. there are still a couple weeks, and there is always the playoffs. it happens.

i have finished my training with Northwestern Mutual and am officially contracted. i’m Andrew J. King, Financial Representative. exciting, i know. this is but a new chapter that God is starting for my life. football is not over, but in the meantime i’m starting a career that will move beyond football and let me help people in a way that they need. good times. ok, there is a baby crying, i’m going to have to go. pray.




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