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23 11 2004

My Utmost for His Highest Daily Devotional: “When we discern that other people are not growing spiritually and allow that discernment to turn to criticism, we block our fellowship with God. God never gives us discernment so that we may criticize, but that we may intercede.”

how true is this? how often do we see someone we know who is not walking like they should, and we start talking about them? “did you see bobby yesterday? i couldn’t believe how much he was swearing.” this is just plain gossip and it does affect our relationship with our Lord. how much more affective is “bobby, i noticed you swearing a lot yesterday, is everything alright?” we should look to edify and encourage not gossip. it does no good to tell other people when someone stumbles, if no one acts, they still fall.




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23 11 2004

I just say stop talking about that person or I will kick your ass. And if someone is talking about me I will say stop talking about me or I will kick your ass.

I think what is also true is that bored people gossip, like me, I don’t care what so and so did I have enough to worry about. Next time someone gossips to you just say “so” they will never gossip to you ever again.

So next time you are bored watch the news and talk about that

23 11 2004

Ah, dat rass anonymous commen was anonymous. Not Anonymous anonymous, like Japanese anonymous. “Anonymous” anonymous alway sign Anonymous at end of anonymous commen — so as not to be confuse rith anonymous commen not sign. Anonymous commen remain anonymous untiwl sign. Dat why Anonymous alway sign name, Anonymous. Den anonymous commen not anonymous anymore; make personal commen. Anonymous have no commen on unsign anonymous commen abow kicking donkey. “So” do not rish to gossrip. Anonymous make commen on gossrip subreck unsign commen commen on. Oh Japanese saying (some say China saying, but not true) go like ris; “He who speak wit fork in tongue should not kiss baaroon.” Not sure dat apry to subreck, but, it rearwry make me raugh! If talk abow man wit fork in tongue, or how he like to kiss baaroon, den dat gossrip. But if go to man an say; “Bobby, I notice you have fork in tongue, WHAT YOU DO?” Den dat not gossrip. I sign now.

24 11 2004

I am assuming that was supposed to be funny. Well it wasn’t and neither was the blog. Your topic was for children “I don’t think you should talk about other people because it is bad.” That was a new one

24 11 2004

Ooops. I am sorry. My appologies to anyone offended by my comment; it was unintentional. I like and enjoy this blog and the person who posts it, and with that in mind… Anonymous will exit stage right and, with no hard feelings, he bids you all, goodbye.

27 11 2004

oh apology accepted…

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