never ever, ever.ever.ever.ever.ever.ever….

23 11 2004

this is getting ridiculous….

when will this baby come?!?!?! please Lord, soon! neither one of us can take it much longer. we want your joy. we want to share your miracle.




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23 11 2004

Stay tough you two! This baby will be here soon and when he or she is, the wait will have been well worth it (as I am sure you both know already!). Kevin and I are so excited for you too and I have begun to obsessively check the blog for any news. I’m sure that all forms of wisdom have been imparted from just about everyone, but my ma said that most first babies are usually late because the woman’s body is going through so many changes for the first time. Anyways, hang in there! We love you both!

24 11 2004

If not on Thanksgiving day, then pretty close. How appropriate! Give thanks and rejoice in the Lord! Thank God for Kids! Thank God for Grandkids!!! Soon now, very soon…
Lots of Love!
Grandpa to be…

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