10 11 2004

i’ve got to study hard tonight and tomorrow. i’m taking my life and health insurance license tomorrow afternoon. so i’ll be cramming tonight and tomorrow. kristie is helping to quiz me. i need a 70% to pass. i’m hoping that i’ll do better than that. i think that i can. ok, we’re eating pizza and studying.

if anyone is interested: i’m turning into a devo/fellowship site. please visit and check it out…. it will be under development for a while, but i’ll let you all know when you can join and log in. you will be able to have your own stuff, like a blog, and be able to post on the message board. i will post up different news items that are faith/Jesus/theology/music related. i’m going to try and do a music review. i’ll also post devos up and insights that i run into. that is what the site will mainly be for. if you have something that you want to share, post it up, talk about it. i tried this once before, but i think that this site will facilitate better. ok, that’s it for now.




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