cool God thing and a new domain….

10 06 2004

last night, Kristie and i attended the staff meeting for our church. it was open for people to go. it was good to see how the leadership of the church and it’s volunteers are doing things at Windsor. at the end of the night, we prayed and Greg (our pastor) said something that i thought was really notable.

we were getting ready to pray and he said to just listen. as we started to pray, just listen. see if God is putting something on your heart. so i did, and wouldn’t you know it God pops the name of one of our young offensive lineman in my head. so, i started to pray for him.

today, after i was done working out, i came back to my locker and who was sitting there still, but the guy i had prayed for the night before. we talked for a little while and i found out that he had been saved when he was in high school but wasn’t living the right way. he had thought about making a change but thought that it was going to be hard. well, i invited him to our church and told him that i would pray for him. i also told him that if he wanted to talk anymore about changing things, that’s what i was here for.

over all, it was a really cool God thing and i Praise Him evertime somthing like this happens.

{in other news}

i’m still working on, and it should be running soon. you can check it out if you want. it is not finished and is deeply under construction.

in Peace




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