bowling for band members….

10 05 2004

ah…. i’m sitting down for a bit while kristie makes dinner.

so, saturday night was a good night. got free tickets for the Blindside, P.O.D. concert through a contact at the Pageant. Scotty Tercero and his ladie went with me and a good time was had by all.

i met up with Judah, the roadie from P.O.D. that i’ve been talking to online and we had a little chat. yadda, yadda, yadda, he comes back with VIP passes and we hooked up after the show.

so Smitty, the security guy comes and gets us and we go up and hang out for a while with Wuv (P.O.D. drummer), Jason (P.O.D. guitarist, formerly of Living Sacrifice), and the guys from Blindside. we stayed in the dressing room for a while and then they wanted to go bowling next door. and that’s what we did! we walked over next door and got on a lane. 20 bucks down, six guys on the lane, andy bowls a 135 and walks away with 120 of band per diem(if that’s how you spell that). it was a good night. the guys are really cool and laid back. i’m hoping to make it to Cornerstone this year and hang out with them again.

like a dope, i didn’t take my camera with me, so here are some shots from my cameraphone.



Me and Wuv

Me and Jason


there should be a picture of me and Scotty with Simon from Blindside on their site soon.




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