bum bada bum, bada, bum bum bum, bum bada bum……..

19 06 2003

bum bada bum, bada, bum bum bum, bum bada bum…… another…..

blog from the throne

hey, good morning everyone…….

nice to see you all here. i’m hanging out at the apt this morning getting ready to fold clothes! awesome! the life of a husband. see what you get to look forward to aaron and mike (lewis). the fun does not stop.

:: alrighty, story time….

last night i say to kristie, “hey, let’s get chinese.” she says ok. so here i go, in my house shoes and shorts, out to get chinese. now, we have not found a good chinese place that delivers to the apt, so i drove out to mid rivers (one exit down the highway) to the “china wok”. i order some food and go to pay. the lady taking my order says “we no have credit swipe. there atm at citgo.” i say ok, and get in my car. luckily there is a bank of america a block away so i go and get some cash out and drive back to the china wok. i pay the lady and she gives me my order. when i saw her put a styrofoam tub of something in my bag, i asked her what it was. she says “it gravy for you cahew chicken.” yum! i knew then that i was in trouble. i come home with the “food” and was getting ready to eat when the dryer got done and it was time to fold clothes. (clothes out of the dryer must be folded immediately so that they do not get wrinkled) while we were foldeding kristie says “hey, i think he’s eating something.” meaning the dog. well he was. he had grabbed my full order of “cashew chicken” (which turned out to be deep fried chicken with cashews that i had to cover with the “gravy”) and had managed to consume over half of it. needless to say i threw that away. all we had left was a half order of general’s chicken and some fried rice. so we shared and had dinner while we watched “just married”. so how ’bout that?

:: movie review

just married was pretty good. i enjoyed ashton kuoc??? (whatever). that guy is funny. i already told you all about his show punk’d on mtv. i laughed a lot and we both really enjoyed this movie.

so that’s about it. life goes on and i have a list of things to do……..





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