i love my crest spinbrush! it’s true, that thing …

2 06 2003

i love my crest spinbrush! it’s true, that thing is awesome. if you don’t have one, you should seriously consider getting one.

what else is going on…..

only two more weeks of workouts then it is time off ’til camp. that should be enjoyable. i am working a fca football camp june 22-25, in kansas city. i’m looking forward to that one.

we are trying to get to 6 flags as many times as possible this summer. i just hope that i can fit on the rides this year, last year was pushing it. i’m looking forward to the boss and the new xcalibur!

went home to lincoln this past weekend for my brother alex’s graduation. we had a good time. he is going to milligan to be a buffalo… well, actually to be a youth minister…. a buffalo youth minister!

:: there is a cat on my tummy! ::

anyway, there is nothing like lying in bed, watching trading spaces, and bloggin’ the blog.

i finished the steven king book, now i’m getting into the inferno of dante. i’m going to try and actually get through the whole book this time. i don’t know how many times i’ve picked up this book to try and read it. wish me luck.





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