Site Maintenance

30 10 2008

IF you are reading this then you´ve been redirected by and have noticed that this is not it.  I had to move servers and am having a little more difficulty moving than anticipated.  Hang on and we´ll be back up in no time!

Till then, browse the Archives and reminisce on the wisdom of my youth….


getting there…

21 07 2007

So is now up, but I’m still formatting and have to migrate this blog over there.
I will totally switch it over soon. Until then, you can keep up on here. will redirect you here for now.

0 and 1…

19 07 2007

Softball started up this week and my team choked. I will not release the score (mostly because I stopped keping track) but it wasn’t pretty. 8 runs in the first inning. We did put a couple up on the board so it wasn’t a shut out.
I can’t complain too bad seeing that I had 2 errors myself. I have to remember that it’s all in fun, it is a church league. Even still, it’s no fun to lose. Games are every monday, so I get to redeem myself next week.

just us kings…

18 07 2007

you can now find us at our new home the website will change a bit too as i migrate to a wordpress install on my server.

lookie what i found…

10 06 2007

this is probably at least a year old, but it’s worth it.

Kristie and Caleb at  kindermusik.  you have to scroll down to the bottom.

God made that for me…

4 06 2007

on our way home from a baby shower for mitch (my brother’s wife) on saturday, we saw a very pretty sunset.  we started to tell caleb about it and tell him what it was called.  i asked him who made the sunset and he told me God.   we talked some more and i said to caleb, “that’s a really pretty sunset” and he says “yeah, God made that for me!”

it was pretty awesome to hear him put that thought together.  he is fun.  thanks God.


28 05 2007

Today is a day when we remember the men and women who have fought and died for this country.  In every war, great Americans have put their life on the line for millions they didn’t know but for one reason; to defend the greatest country in the world.  Some were drafted, but most did so willingly.
Today we remember every man and woman in Iraq.  They are choosing to fight for our freedom and the freedom of all people oppressed by terrorism.  My prayers are with you today.

May God be with you and bless you.
May He broaden your steps beneath you so you don’t stumble.
May He make you strong so you can overcome your enemies.
May He give you breath so you don’t get tired.
May He give you faith so that you don’t lose hope.